Bellweather Properties Apartment Qualifying Polices/Criteria

  1. All adult residents (over the age of 18) who intend to occupy a given unit must fully, individually complete a rental application. Credit check fee per application is $35.00 per person.
  2. No person under the age of eighteen years of age will be permitted to apply and sign a non binding contract.
  3. Gross household income of all adult applicants applying for occupancy in a unit must total a minimum 2 and a half times the rental rate of the unit.
  4. There must be no more than two residents per bedroom, period.
  5. All applicants must show a valid state driver’s license or identification card, social security card and/or resident registration card. Upon approval photo will be taken.
  6. All applicants must contain a minimum of two prior landlords and/or residences and two employers.
  7. Any applicant must be on present job minimum of six months or same field.
  8. Any applicant claiming income through self-employment sources must provide a copy of a minimum two year prior tax return and current P & L.
  9. No applicant can have a total debt ratio in excess of 50% of their gross income.
  10. Will not rent to anyone with an eviction or unlawful detainer.
  11. Bad credit, short term employment, negative prior landlord report and a bankruptcy will definitely hinder your chances to rent from us.
  12. Cosigners are considered but not if individual has an eviction, extreme credit problems or negative report from existing landlord.
  13. Management has no obligation to rent to person who poses a threat to persons or property.


The following items are a must and no one will be considered if they don’t meet above criteria.